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Hey! Check out Thomas' new book! Learn from plants - they are a fountain of infinite knowledge! A great gift for a gardener young or old, small or giant. In the garden with Blue Butterflies

Going to Costa Rica? Visit a student of the rain forest who understands the relationship between medicine, spirit, and stories. Shake some leaves for

Start working in the garden! San Francisco Professional Gardener's Association:

Butterflies and Bulldozers
An epic in the making, let the butterflies start dancing!

San Francisco State University, Biology Department: A cauldron of giants dwell here. Be aware all those who enter; keep your senses on alert!

San Bruno Mountain Watch: The ultimate nature warriors – soar with butterflies and owls. Fade into a canyon of quartz and ancient succulents.

McLaren Park: Look for the blue water tower and long sloping grasslands. Watch out for grumpy badgers, curmudgeon ravens, and very wise bushtits.

Boeddeker Park: At the corner of Jones and Eddy. Across from the Police Station. Behind the metal gates. Let’s see some lights!

City College of San Francisco, Department of Environmental Horticulture and Floristry: All of the sudden, I woke up to the world around me! Plant Identification, Introduction to Flower Arranging, and much much more…

San Bruno Mountain Quarry and McLaren Park

San Bruno Mountain Quarry and Northeast Ridge