The Mission Blue Project aims to fulfill four goals. These are:

  1. Conservation of San Francisco’s local wild lands and beyond:
    Marveling at the diversity of organisms in our Franciscan landscape; being a part of the lifecycles of birth, death, and decay; navigating the spectrum of relationships from mutualism, predation, and herbivory to parasitism and saprophytism; weaving the webs of connections between the realms of the underground, the earth, and the sky.
  2. Bridging people and plants together through the study of horticulture
    This encompasses learning the properties of the soil, wind, and water; following the flowing conduits of elements and minerals; discerning site differences and individual adaptations; harmonizing our relationship to the earth, the sun, and the moon.
  3. Binding of scientific and mythic realms
    Recognition of the internally consistent systems of the myriad of cultures; applying art as a road map and using it as a teaching diagram for biological phenomenon; inoculating respect for the earth through stories, hands-on activities, and rigorous methodology/training.
  4. Cultural metamorphosis
    Grow wings while meditating on our common evolutionary ancestors; understanding geographical movement and human settlement through time; changing one’s perspective at the intersection of art and science.

Ultimately, the Mission Blue Project is about observing and exploring the nature that surrounds and encloses you. Starting where you are at, then expanding outwards in an ever greater spiral. Go touch a tree, dig in the dirt, and let the light of the stars diffuse throughout your being. Charge!!

– Thomas Y. Wang

Mission Blue male opening his wings